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Maintenance of Good Health

All the benefits of green tea. All the flavor of your favorite coffee.

Recommended dosage:
2 teaspoons / day

The perfect way to start your day. Coffee Booster Antioxidant is formulated with mindful living in mind. This premium, concentrated Camelia Sinensis (tea leaf) extract delivers 20x the benefits of antioxidants compared to a cup of tea.

Add a flavorless teaspoon to your coffee and harness all the immune boosting goodness of green tea: active polyphenols, Vitamin C and selenium – an essential mineral prized for its antioxidant punch.


What are antioxidants?

Antioxidants are naturally occurring compounds found in fruits, vegetables, tea, wine and yes, coffee! They help prevent, or even stop cell damage caused by oxidants, otherwise known as free radicals.

Why should I consume antioxidants?

Consuming antioxidants is thought to help prevent certain diseases in the body. They fight against oxidants, natural occurring free radicals, that can lead to damaging factors like heart disease and certain cancers, if they build up in the body.